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Cash Management and Payment Systems
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Sebnem Oguz

The aim of this seminar is to present one of the most important tasks of central banks which is regulating the print and circulation of the national currency. Cash circulation management is important in order to enhance efficiency in the production and supply of cash to the economy since a strong cash management policy leads to a certain and non-volatile reserve position of the banking system.

Target Audience: The seminar is designed for junior and mid-level employees from central banks who are engaged in issuing and processing banknotes especially in developing and emerging economies. The participants are encouraged to share their country experiences, as well as taking active part in discussions to exchange their opinions and views during the seminar.

Data Compilation and Extraction
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Ufuk Senol

This workshop mainly aims an open dialogue platform for credit reporting service providers who are involved in collecting, processing, analysing and distributing the credit information and derivatives in different aspects and purposes varying from central banks to credit bureaus.

Target Audience: The workshop is designed for high level officials from central banks, international instutitons, association of credit bureaus, business information industry association, consumer and data protection association, fintech institutions and other related institutions in credit reporting field.

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Arda Tekirdag

Islamic banking has witnessed considerable developments in the past three decades and is now regarded as one of the fastest growing segments of the global financial system. With its resilience and inclusiveness, Islamic finance during the recent financial crisis has been recognised as an important part of the global financial system, which can contribute to growth and to a new level of soundness and stability.

Target Audience: The workshop is designed for medium-level experts, economists and supervisors from central banks, supervisory authorities and related policy institutions who are interested in Islamic banking. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences during the workshop.