Event Detail

Prudential Supervision of the Banking Sector and Macroprudential Regulations
Start Date:24.09.2018
End Date:27.09.2018
Application Deadline: 05.09.2018

Event Coordinator Ufuk Senol


The 2008-09 global financial crisis has shown that the stability of individual financial institutions alone is not enough to ensure the stability of the financial system as a whole. While complementing each other, prudential supervision of banks and macroprudential policies play an equally important role in ensuring financial stability. This seminar, which will be composed of three parts, will first focus on prudential supervision, its scope, tools and methodology, covering both on-site and off-site aspects. In the second part of the seminar, which will be dedicated to macroprudential policies, participants will be informed about global best practices in the design and implementation of macroprudential policy frameworks, the main instruments employed, the efficiency of macroprudential policies and their interactions with other economic policies. The last part of the seminar will be aimed to familiarize the audience with international best practices in the domain of credit registry and reporting systems, as they comprise an essential data source for the shaping of financial sector policies on both micro and macro levels.

Main Topics

• On-site supervision and risk-based supervision of the banking sector: Tools and methodologies

• Scenario analysis and stress testing

• Macroprudential policy frameworks

• Macroprudential instruments

• Efficiency of macroprudential policies

• Interactions of macroprudential policies with other economic policies

• Credit registry and reporting systems

Target Audience: The seminar is designed for experts, economists and supervisors from central banks, supervisory authorities and related policy institutions who are interested in supervisory policies and practices as well as macroprudential regulations. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences during the seminar.

Application Closed.