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Sectoral Financial Accounts
Start Date:11.04.2018
End Date:13.04.2018
Application Deadline: 01.03.2018

Event Coordinator Resul Saltabas


As an important tool for analyzing financial flows between domestic sectors and with the rest of the world, sectoral financial accounts

provide a way of examining the financial effects of economic policy and a map of financial flows to be used to analyze sectoral behavior in times of financial crisis. The seminar offered mainly aims to improve participants' knowledge of statistical methodology underlying the financial accounts, linkages, compilation methods, practical issues and future developments. The seminar will also cover how the CBRT compilers harmonize and bridge national statistics and the requirements of System of National Accounts (SNA 2008) and the European System of Accounts (ESA 2010). Moreover, organizational issues within the compiler agency and with other agencies will be considered. Sessions will be devoted to the work of national compilers of financial accounts at sector level with particular attention paid to difficult areas and subjects that need to be improved. Also, group exercises will enhance the knowledge on particular classification issues.

Main Topics

• Key concepts, definitions and methodology

• Institutional responsibilities, data sources

• Accounts of institutional sectors; theory and practice (Financial and non-financial corporations, government, households, rest of the world)

• Use of financial accounts

Additional Information!

The İMB will accept online applications from participants who are interested in attending a one-week on-site training to discuss challenging and country specific issues at the CBRT’s Head Office in Ankara after the seminar. The training will be available for a limited number of people among the participants of the Sectoral Financial Accounts seminar. Please contact resul.saltabas@tcmb.gov.tr for further details.

Target Audience: The workshop is designed for experts who are responsible for compiling financial accounts. Participants are encouraged to share their country experiences with short presentations in each session on the compilation of financial accounts.

Application Closed.