Event Detail

Risk Management in Islamic Financial Institutions - A joint event with the Toronto Centre and the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey
Start Date:18.12.2017
End Date:22.12.2017
Application Deadline: 22.11.2017

Event Coordinator Arda Tekirdağ

Detail: Islamic banking has witnessed considerable developments in the past three decades and is now regarded as one of the fastest growing segments of the global financial system. With its resilience and inclusiveness, Islamic finance during the recent financial crisis has been recognised as an important part of the global financial system, which can contribute to growth and to a new level of soundness and stability. In this context, the role of proper risk management and governance at Islamic banks is essential understanding to ensure stability and growth of Islamic banking. Islamic finance in its spirit is based on profit-sharing so having profit-loss sharing financing shifts the risk sharing. Therefore, risk management is directly embedded in Islamic finance. This workshop is designed to help participants to understand risks inherent in Islamic banks and Islamic banks’ products as well as how to deal with those risks. The program will overview the widely used Islamic banking products, risk management and governance at Islamic financial institutions. The implementation of the IFSB standards including stress testing principles will also be discussed. The workshop will elaborate corporate and Shari’ah governance and supervision of Islamic banks as well.

Main Topics

• Core principles for Islamic banking

• Corporate Governance for IIFSs

• Risk Management

• IFSB guiding principles on risk management and stress testing

• Case study on the failure of an IFI

Target Audience: The seminar is designed for medium-level experts, economists and supervisors from central banks, supervisory authorities and related policy institutions who are interested in Islamic banking. Participants are encouraged to share their experiences during the workshop.

Application Closed.