General Information

General Information

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The İMB organizes training programs and customized & bilateral programs to encourage critical thinking and promote studies on contemporary central banking topics.

The İMB's training programs includes courses, seminars and workshops that take place in Istanbul unless stated otherwise.

Courses are designed to be a suitable ground for participants to grasp general understanding of various topics and their applications in central banking. These events are in lecture format and usually delivered by experienced scholars.

Seminars aim to refresh and broaden participants’ knowledge on particular practices of central banking while providing an opportunity to exchange experiences and learn about country practices. Participants are expected to take a more active role during these programs.

Workshops are designed to provide a platform to bring together the central bankers/scholars and discuss recent literature and country experiences regarding issues related to central banking.

The İMB also arranges customized and bilateral programs on central banking issues upon request at the İMB Facility in Istanbul, the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT) Head Office in Ankara or abroad. During these programs, experts from the CBRT and other central banks share their experiences on the chosen topics.These programs are designed in several different formats including study visits, on-site trainings and expert visits.

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