About İMB

About İMB

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Istanbul School of Central Banking:
Studying Global Economic Developments,

Deriving Conclusions for Emerging and Developing Economies

The Istanbul School of Central Banking (İMB), founded by the Central Bank of the Republic of Turkey (CBRT), provides a scene for thought-provoking discussions and analyses on global economic and financial challenges with a specific interest in central banking topics.

The School organizes research activities and training programs, and engages in technical cooperation with central banks to promote studies on central banking in emerging and developing economies. Hence, the main focus of the School can be summarized as follows:

• A center to study central banking topics in emerging and developing economies

• A platform to analyze global economic developments from central banking perspective

Most of the İMB programs are tailored to elicit distinct ideas from the participants using their backgrounds. With the aim of gathering experiences, practices and views, the School cooperates with central banks, international institutions and academics globally. Perceiving collaborative effort as a key for addressing the challenges, the School welcomes central bankers and scholars to meet, exchange experiences and ideas, give lectures and study contemporary topics.