Workshop 6: Islamic Finance Workshop (23-24 September 2017)

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Date and Place: 23-24 September 2017, Bodrum, Turkey
Apply by: By invitation only.

Description: In this program, leading scholars from academia and experts from policy and financial institutions come together to discuss topics on Islamic finance from macroeconomics, finance and central banking perspectives. The workshop mainly covers the interaction of Shari'ah and financial innovation at Islamic financial institutions and infrastructure financing and public private partnership funding. The workshop is designed to encourage broad interaction among the participants. Speakers are invited so as to foster deliberate discussions about the advances in both the theory and the practice of Islamic finance.

Format: The two-day workshop consists of invited presentations on broader topics in Islamic finance and panel discussions on selected issues.

Target Audience: The workshop is designed for researchers and economists from central banks and policy institutions as well as scholars from universities and other related institutions who are interested in the recent developments in Islamic finance.

Important Notice!

The rules for the İMB events (listed here) do not apply to this specific workshop. Please contact Arda Tekirdağ ( for further details.