Workshop 1: Human Resources Management at Central Banks (22-24 March 2017)

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Date and Place: 22 - 24 March, Istanbul
Apply by: 3 February
Event Coordinator: Ufuk Şenol (

Description: Successful management of Human Resources (HR) has great importance for central banks that have a leading role in achieving economic welfare and prosperity. Therefore, a skilled and well-educated staff is necessary to conduct fruitful research and carefully manage operations in a central bank, which faces today’s overwhelmingly complex and fluctuating economic environment. In this workshop, issues on human resources management’s role in organizational change, organization of HRM, human resources management communications will be discussed from different perspectives and different case studies also will be used. All the participants are expected to contribute to and support the discussions through presentations describing their country experiences and implementations of HR policies.

Main Topics

HR's Role in Organizational Change

• Contribution of HR to change management
• How HR can facilitate change
• HRM and business process reengineering

Organization of HRM

• HR structure and central banks
• Centralized or decentralized HR
• Efficiency of HRM

HRM Communications

• HRM communication programs
• Employee handbook
• Mechanisms for upward communications

Target Audience: The workshop is designed for staff working in human resources departments of the central banks.

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