Seminar 2: Balance of Payments and External Statistics (25-28 April 2017)

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Date and Place: 25 - 28 April, Istanbul
Apply by: 17 March
Event Coordinator: Beyhan Horasanlı (

Description: The importance of timely, comprehensive, coherent and internationally comparable statistics on Balance of Payments (BOP), International Investment Position (IIP) and other related external sector statistics has become more apparent in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. The seminar will discuss the methodology for collecting and compiling these statistics in line with internationally accepted standards. Recent international developments and the CBRT’s experiences on many practical issues will also be covered. Through a group assignment, the respective country experiences on “Challenges in BPM6 Transition and Implementation” will be shared in the wrap-up session.

Main Topics

• Overview of the IMF's BOP and IIP Manual and Compilation Guide (BPM6)
• Practice of BOP and IIP Statistics at the CBRT
• ITRS and the Direct Reporting Practice of Turkey
• International Trade Services (ITS) Statistics at the CBRT
• Foreign Direct Investment Statistics (Flows and Stokcs)
• Overview of the IMF's External Debt Statistics Guide
• The practice of selected external debt statistics using the CBRT data
• Loan-by-Loan Data Collection System at the CBRT
• International reserves and reserve adequacy indicators
• Communication of external sector statistics and recent international developments
• Challenges in BPM6 transition and implementation

Target Audience: The seminar is organized for junior auditors from central banks. It will maintain an interactive discussion platform, so it is highly recommended that participants share their experiences during the seminar.

Additional Information!

The İMB will accept online applications from participants who are interested in attending a one-week on-site training at the CBRT’s Head Office in Ankara after the seminar. The training will be available for a limited number of people among the participants from the BOP seminar. Please contact Beyhan Horasanlı ( for further details.

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