Seminar 12: Cash Circulation Management (20-23 November 2017)

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Date and Place: 20 - 22 November, Istanbul
Apply by: 6 October
Event Coordinator: Sebnem Oğuz (

Description: The aim of this seminar is to present one of the most important tasks of central banks, which is regulating the print and circulation of the national currency. Cash circulation management is important in order to enhance efficiency in the production and supply of cash to the economy since a strong cash management policy leads to a certain and non-volatile reserve position of the banking system. The seminar is designed to share mutual experience and knowledge in subjects such as issuance of banknotes, cash handling, storage, processing and distribution. The seminar will also provide participants detailed information on modern cash management systems and implementation of these systems in Turkey. In addition to discussing the current developments in the international cash handling, the CBRT’s knowledge concerning the methods to increase efficiency in cash circulation and the future of cash will be shared, reciprocally. The program will also include a day trip to the Cash Center in Istanbul.

Main Topics

• Cash management process
• Banknote requirement programme
• Provision of the banknote quality
• Banknote processing systems
• Informatics and statistical programmes regarding the banknotes
• Destruction of banknotes
• Currency Reform (Redenomination of Turkish lira)
• A day trip to the Cash Center

Target Audience: The seminar is designed for junior and mid-level employees from central banks and related policy institutions who are engaged in issuing and processing banknotes especially in emerging and developing economies. The participants are encouraged to share their country experiences, and to take an active part in discussions during the seminar.

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