Seminar 11: Short-term Forecasting at Central Banks (6-10 November 2017)

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Date and Place: 6 - 10 November, Istanbul
Apply by: 22 September
Event Coordinator: Resul Saltabaş (

Description: This seminar is an introduction to the use of some practical tools for short-term forecasting at central banks with a special focus on inflation and GDP forecasting. The seminar will present a summary of relevant theory and provide hands-on practical sessions using real data. The seminar design is specifically based on the needs and challenges faced by developing/emerging economies in real time forecasting. An introduction to programming for computer-based applications will also be provided during the seminar.

Main Topics

• Theoretical background and introduction to the forecasting framework
• An introduction to programming in Eviews for forecasting
• Construction and estimation of basic univariate and multivariate models for forecasting
• Some practical aspects of short-term inflation and GDP forecasting
• Topics in a data rich environment
• Forecast evaluation methods

Target Audience: The seminar is designed for experts from central banks and related policy institutions who are responsible for shortterm forecasting. Participants are expected to be familiar with basic econometrics. Participants are encouraged to share their country experiences during the seminar.

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