Seminar 10: Financial Markets and Instruments (23-26 October 2017)

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Date and Place: 23 - 26 October, Istanbul
Apply by: 8 September
Event Coordinator: Ufuk Şenol (

Description: As a result of the recent developments in the global financial markets, policy makers focused on the developments in the financial markets, which enabled them to understand the monetary transmission mechanism better. This four-day seminar introduces the participants to the basics of financial market analysis from the perspective of central bankers. The program overviews the financial instruments that are deemed essential to monitor the financial market developments and covers the tools for extracting information from these instruments for monetary policy purposes.

Main Topics

• Origins and roles of money
• Central Banks in financial markets
• Open market operations
• Monetary transmission mechanism
• Bonds pricing, default risk
• Term structure of interest rates

Target Audience: The seminar is designed as an introduction to financial market analysis for practitioners from central banks and related policy institutions who are interested in financial markets. Participants are encouraged to share their country experiences and expected to be familiar with Microsoft Excel.

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